Organic Compound Services


lab workerWater Management Laboratories, Inc is State of Washington Department of Health certified to perform both Total and Fecal Coliform by MF, MPN, PA, MMO-MUG, or CPRG procedures along with Heterotrophic Plate Counts on drinking water. The prices for these are listed under Group 1. Water Management Laboratories, Inc is also State of Washington Department of Ecology accredited for Fecal and Total Coliform, Fecal Streptococci, Enterococci, and E. coli on environmental and wastewater samples. Environmental, Raw water, Wastewater, and Soil are listed under Group 2. Food and Shellfish analyses are also available. They are listed on a separate price list.[ServicesForm.pdf]

Algae Toxins
— Anatoxin, Saxitoxin, 86 Microcystin
— Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, & Xylenes
524.2 OCP1
Carbamates (scan of 10 Compounds)
*Includes State regulated 86 unregulated compounds
— Composite of Samples (2 sources only)
531.2 OAA1
Diquat 549 OAC1
Dioxin 1613 OAI1
Composite of Samples (2 sources only) OAR1
Endothall 548.1 OCD1
Glyphosate 547 OCH1
Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) 552.2 OAJ1
Haloacetic Acids Potential 552.2 OAK1
Herbicides (scan of 17 compounds)
*Includes State regulated & unregulated compounds
— Composite of Samples (2 sources only)
515.1 OAD1

NW TPH-DX (Diesel by GC-FID)
— Water
— Soil

NW TPH-GX (Gasoline by GC-FID)
— Water
— Soil

PCB's (Scan of 9 Mixtures) 525.2 OBD1
Pesticides (scan of 52 compounds)
*Includes State regulated & unregulated compounds
— Composite of Samples (2 sources only)
525.2 OAG1

Phthalates/Adipates (Plasticizers) 525.2 OAP1
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) 525.2 PAH 1
Trihalomethanes (scan of 4 compounds)
— Total (TTHM)
— Total Potential (MTTP)

524.2 ODP1
524.2 ODQ1
UCMR 2 - List 1
— Flame Retardants
— Explosives

527 OCC3
529 OCC4
UCMR 2 - List 2
— Pesticides
— Nitrosomines
— Herbicide Degredates

525.2 OCC2
521 OCC 1
535 OCC5
Volatile Organic Compounds (scan of 60)
— Composite of Samples (5 Sources - Max)
524.2 OBO 1


We take pride in the quality of our testing programs and our dedication to first class service on every sample. Our turnaround time from receipt of sample to completion of analyses is the best in the business. If you require an analysis not listed, pleaseĀ call (253) 531-3121 for availability and a price quote. Volume discounts areĀ available for large numbers of samples.